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Android App

Happy Wheels Android App is compatible with all Android phones and tablets! All Android versions that are available at the moment are supported. You can use the Happy Wheels Android App to play the game on any of your Android device. Do you want to play this awesome game on your Android? Click the download button to download it now!

Happy Wheels Android App

After you have downloaded the .apk file (.apk is the extension used by Android Apps), you have to connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer, and open the Android manager of the device manager from the manufacturer of your device. Then you only need to copy the happywheels.apk file on your device, and you will be ready to play Happy Wheels on Android!

If you don’t see the app on your homescreen directly, restart your phone or tablet, and the Happy Wheels app will be available on your homescreen. You can now start it, and begin playing Happy Wheels on your Android Device.

Download Happy Wheels Android App

You can download the Happy Wheels app by clicking the button below!

New in this version of Happy Wheels Android App:
– Bug fixes
– Support for large screen Android tablets (larger than 7″)
– Compatible with Android 4.4 Kitkat
– Happy Wheels Android runs faster than ever before now!

Happy Wheels Android App

The computer version of the game has slightly different controls. This is because most Android phones and tablets do not have physical keyboards.

The controls are mainly the same as you were used to. Buttons that you can use to control your character are located on the screen. You can also tilt your Android device to rotate your character.

With multiple various playable levels and characters you know from the computer version of the game, Happy Wheels Android App wil give you a great gaming experience!


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